Key Days

  • Conference date

    April 6, 2018 ~ April 8, 2018


  • Abstract submission Deadline

    July 1, 2017 ~ 30 Jan 2018

  • Notification of Acceptance

    Jan 31, 2018

Sponsorship Benefits

It is the express intention of the Organizing Committee to ensure that participating companies receive the highest recognition in return for their generous support.

General benefits will include the following:

Item Platinum Gold Silver
1. Exhibition Space 4 Booths (36m²) 2 Booths (18m²) 2 Booths (18m²)
2. Complimentary Registration 4 2 2
3. Web Banner
4. Web Advertisement -
5. 1st / 2nd Announcement Both 2nd 2nd Inside 1/2 page
6. Abstract Book Advertisement
7. Pocket Book Advertisement -

Printed Advertisement

: Back Cover, Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, Inside Full page, Inside 1/2 page

Advertisement Specifications

Advertisements will be printed using a four-color system (CMYK). Exact sizes will be at the discretion of the Organizing Committee, and will be determined prior to the time of publication. Placement of non-premium location advertisements is at the sole discretion of the Organizing Committee. Special instructions for the Organizing Committee to consider regarding placement must be clearly stated in the application, though no guarantees are made that the instructions will be carried out.

Advertising Acceptance

All advertisements are subject to review and approval from the Organizing Committee prior to placement in 17th KJJM 2018 publications. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any advertisements if it deems contrary and/or detrimental to the image and nature of the meeting.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

: Luncheon Symposium, Web Banner

For further information, please contact via e-mail(info@kjjm2018.org)